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If you find yourself in this place, do not panic.  It does not mean that you are doomed or even that there is no hope.  Many people have become so accustomed to functioning at a level of high anxiety or depression that they are unaware of what their body and behaviors are trying to tell them.  This area of compounding struggle means that you are in need of outside support.  The ability to care for others and the expectation to be “OK” or “fine” has likely pushed you to the point of fatigue and possibly hopelessness.  

There are many things that can and should be done at this level. First and foremost, the ability to neglect your own needs without professional support no longer exists.  There are many ways that counseling will be beneficial, and also accessible.  If many of the areas of stress exist due to schedule and expectations of/from others, consider telehealth as an option that could fit into your routine.  Also, consider any past trauma that may be resurfacing, or poor coping skills that are increasing with such a high level of symptoms.  It is easy for us all to find relief in a quick but unhealthy manner with things like shopping, binge eating, tobacco or alcohol, as well as escaping the problem with sleep and isolation.  

Just because there are higher risk factors reported, does not mean that solutions are not possible or that shame is something you should feel.  Don’t be scared of what counseling could look like or that you would be considered “weak” for talking with someone about these areas of struggle.  Remember the airplane mask comparison: If you don’t put your mask on first, then you do not have the ability to help anyone else.

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Mental health is more important than ever.  We are seeing so many side effects and long term changes in people as a result of living through the first airborne pandemic in many of our lifetimes.  We are seeing more national and international studies that are expressing concerns about areas within our lives getting better and other areas getting worse.  What’s important right now is advocating for the mental well-being of you and your community.  We can’t start creating change and large scale support without starting in our own homes.

As the pandemic began to sink in during the spring of 2020, many people started to report increases in anxiety, trouble sleeping, substance use, and poor ability to cope.  It makes sense that these numbers have not been able to restabilize.  We are still watching and waiting to see what life looks like on the other side of this international catastrophe.

As mental health professionals right here in Northeast Louisiana, we are recognizing a need for mental health support like never before.  We are all so used to living with a need of survival and feelings of helplessness that we aren’t as easily able to identify when something is within our control to improve.  The mental health community, leadership individuals, and partners within Finding Solace Counseling, are coming together in order to advocate for each of you to to know how to advocate for your own mental health.

If you were struggling with your physical health, you would not (or at least should not) wait to seek help from a professional.  There is no reason for your mental health to be any different.  Whether it is a sore throat or body aches, depressed mood or feeling anxious, there are professionals there to help.

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